Alistair Farrugia was born on the 16th April, 1985. Ever since he can remember, he’s been fascinated with photography. As a child, it was his passion to ruin every image with a “funny face” or another, as a teenager his passion went as far as doing his utmost to avoid featuring in any image in the first place, and as a young adult, (yes, almost 30 still qualifies as a young adult in his book); well – as a young adult matters took a turn for the better.

In July 2012, Alistair took it upon himself to attend a beginner’s course in Photography. Under the tutelage of Mr. Christopher Azzopardi, Alistair soon developed the photography bug – a condition characterised by obsessive discussion on themes related to ISO and f-stops, apertures and shutters, and all the bells and whistles associated with the science and art of photography – the real deal, that is.

Ever since, Alistair commenced and completed a second course in 2014, again under Mr. Azzopardi. This time round, the course was aimed at advanced photography students.

Aside of the coursework, Alistair is also a member of the Malta Photographic Society (MPS), and two-times Gold medal winner in the 49th National Competition organised by the MPS. In fact, Alistair placed first in both the Colour and the Monochrome projected images categories.

Alistair also placed amongst the finalists  in the Gozo Category in the “My Malta” competition organised by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Tourism in January 2014.


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