My Photos in Commercials and Articles…

This will be a brief post – So, I just discovered how to search in Google by using an image, rather than text. You simply have to drag an image file onto the Search bar if you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, and Google will find instances where that image was used on other websites.

I wanted to try out this search method to find un-credited displays of my work on other websites. For this test, I used an image I had entered in a competition, and voila, I found multiple instances of use, unbeknownst to me. The original image can be seen here on my Facebook page, my website and on the VisitMalta photo library page, On this last page, you can verify that the website gives me due credit for the picture.

Google found links to the following websites making use of my image: 

It seems this is a bona fide use of the image, although photo credits would have been appreciated. I’m guessing it’s a bona fide use as the blog seems to be the property of, who were originally behind the competition I referred to above.

The second instance was on the Facebook page(s) for “March Meeting 2016 Malta”. An example is shown below:

Here, I think the authors obtained the image from, as they are listed as partners. Nonetheless, I feel that a proper photo credit was in order here.

I do not expect any fee to be paid for such use as the image in question was transferred to for marketing purposes, however I feel that photographers should be given due credit whenever the author is known, as were these cases. It doesn’t cost the websites using these images anything to include some text giving due credit, rather, it would be professional from their end to do so. Unfortunately, it seems such practices are uncommon!

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