My Favourite?

The appreciation and critique of photography is a subjective affair. What one might love, the other might abhor, what one might criticise as being overdone, the other might consider as being a “signature style”. Within this context, it is not easy to define what makes a good image, and what one can consider as being the “best” out there.

On the other hand, it is fairly easy for one to find his or her favourite image. And that’s easy for me too… Ironically, my favourite picture at the moment isn’t even an image I took myself. It isn’t even a photo taken with a standard camera either. It’s composition was unplanned, there are no “colours” to speak of and photography guidelines were not even considered in the making of this image in the first place… So, what makes it so special, you might ask?

Simple really – meaning. The photo I’m thinking of is an ultrasound image of our, as yet unborn, child Giulia. This was one of the images that the gynae took during our last ultrasound visit when we were told we’d be having a baby girl. Clearly, for an image to be YOUR favourite, the most critical component is that YOU like it. This applies across the board. You’ll often come across rules and guidelines, critique and suggestions, but the most important thing is that YOU like the picture for its meaning and significance to you. 

Giulia’s picture is likely an insignificant image to most out there, but it clearly isn’t to me. It’s my favourite photo for now and it will be for a while more…at least until she’s out and in front of my Canon 70D. THEN, I’ll have many other favourites for sure.

Until then, enjoy taking and appreciating images that mean something to you – that’s the most beautiful thing about photography. That’s what drives me.


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