Why Photography?

Photography is an art. And a science. The way the two intertwine to create something timeless fascinates me. It’s also a jolly good way to spend some time, (and some money, of course). At least, it’s a fascination to me, thanks to both the artistic and the scientific component.

The artistic component comes from the message sent by the image: a message that transcends language and other barriers like one’s creed or nationality. You see an image of a happy couple and a message of love is received. You see an image of a hungry beggar, and guilt sets in. You see an image from a war torn country and sorrow and anger are roused within. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and that’s where the “art” comes in. When you can tell a story with one click of a button, that photograph becomes a piece of art.

On the other hand, photography is a science. The reason why there are “photo snappers”, and then there are “photographers”, is simple – proper photography presents us all with a learning curve. Unfortunately, several choose to stick to “Auto” mode and never attempt to ride the curve. There is a science to photography – images do not magically appear on one’s sensor, (or film, if you’re so inclined). A number of variables come together to produce an image that is not always representative of what one sees with his own eyes. Sometimes, you capture images that represent scenes that no human eyes can ever see. Sometimes, you can make things disappear and others remain in view. Sometimes, colours will not appear the same way you see them. No – this isn’t down to magic or coincidence, it’s just down to knowing what to do, and when. Scientifically.

These two elements keep me hooked to photography. I hope that, through these blogs, you are inspired to try your hand at making art, scientifically.

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